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Data Privacy and Digital Regulations

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Our Privacy and Data Protection practice is dedicated to addressing the dynamic landscape of data privacy and security. In light of India's rapid digitisation and the establishment of robust legal frameworks governing privacy and data protection, businesses are increasingly compelled to enhance their privacy protocols to mitigate potential liabilities and adhere to mandatory compliance standards.

Our team consistently employs an innovative approach, collaborating closely with clients to impart essential compliance knowledge through awareness sessions and implementing tailored solutions to meet their unique needs. 

We provide comprehensive data protection and privacy law advisory, compliance, and policy formulation services. Our expertise spans Indian regulations and GDPR compliance. We serve diverse industries, including IT, e-commerce, finance, and insurance, assisting in crafting internal privacy practices and data protection policies.

Our services encompass responsible data management, and strategies for data monetization while upholding privacy. We advise on various data-related aspects, including data transfer agreements, cloud computing, big data analytics, IoT, and interoperability, ensuring compliance and privacy safeguards.


| Expertise

Data Protection

Intermediary Liability

Data localisation

Data breach incident response


Gaming and gambling

OTT regulations

Data litigation

Internet of Things



Cross-border data transfer


| Experience


Global Fortune 500 company

Advise on statutory data retention periods under Indian laws. 

Global Fortune 500 electronics major

Advise on usage of import data in light of prohibition introduced on publishing import-export data. 

Global Fortune 500 sportswear brand

Advise on collecting data relating to diversity and ethnicity. 

Global fintech company

Advised on a number of data privacy laws applicable to the fintech industry, including in connection with its stored-value payment instrument business, its money transfer business, and its merchant acquiring operations. 

Global social media company

Advised on issues relating to online contracts and compliance with privacy obligations for SMS contracting.

Global camera manufacturer

Advise on the data protection impact assessment undertaken for the its cameras. 

Major Japanese electronics company

Advise on Indian privacy law compliances applicable to products having ID recognition features. 

Global telecom company

Advise on the privacy risks associated with collecting data of minors in India. 

Leading American technology company

Representing before an Indian High Court and defending allegations and lawsuits before the Kerala High Court relating misuse of personal data relating to COVID-19 patients. 

| Key Contacts


Vikram Jeet Singh



Kalindhi Bhatia



Ayan Sharma

Head - Policy & Advocacy

Our Team
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