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Dispute Resolution


Our specialised disputes team has earned a strong reputation amongst our clients for crafting unique and effective solutions to complex disputes, with a focus on achieving tangible outcomes. We are the preferred choice for a diverse client base, including businesses, institutions, and individuals spanning various industries such as construction, infrastructure, aviation, media & entertainment, sports, pharmaceuticals, real estate, retail, and FMCG, owing to our extensive experience in dispute resolution.

Our representation extends to a broad spectrum of legal areas, including corporate, commercial, constitutional, intellectual property, maritime, and other forms of litigation before multiple judicial bodies and commissions across the country. Additionally, we provide strategic counsel on regulatory policies and laws across various sectors.

Notably, our expertise shines in managing intricate arbitration cases, where we regularly advise and represent clients in institutional and ad hoc arbitration proceedings, as well as the associated pre- and post-arbitration litigation. What sets us apart is our dedicated Claims & Contract Management team, offering comprehensive services throughout the project life cycle to shield companies from potential counterparty claims and minimize risks.


Furthermore, our firm boasts a well-established mediation and conciliation practice, actively advocating for speedy dispute resolution to align with our clients' business objectives and promote their interests.


| Expertise

Commercial litigation

Shareholder litigation

Recovery proceedings

Intellectual Property litigation

Commercial arbitration

Criminal defense

Pre-litigation advisory

ESG disputes

Insolvency litigation

Technology disputes


Securities and Regulatory disputes


| Experience


Euronext-listed Oil and Gas Major

Represented and defended a tender win of 300 million USD in the Bombay High Court. 

Global specialty chemicals company

Assisted in prosecuting former agents and defending counter claims in the Delhi High Court.

German aerospace and defense company

Advised on a dispute involving increase in pre-fixed prices for equipment due to supply issues due to the Ukraine war. 

German energy equipment manufacturer

Advising and defending in a high-stake commercial arbitration relating to claims against the performance of industrial-grade machinery. 

Fortune 50 company

Representing in a civil suit filed in a district court involving an insurance claim 

NYSE-listed Oil and Gas Major

Represented and defended a tender win of 150 million USD in the Bombay High Court. 

Leading American tech company

Defending allegations and lawsuits before a High Court relating misuse of personal and health data relating to patients. 

Japanese multinational company

Advised and represented in a dispute relating to outstanding dues of a government-owned printing and minting company. 

French Global Fortune 500 company

in a matter relating to a major trademark dispute with an Indian company. 

German Industrials company

Represented before a law enforcement /investigations authority in a matter involving fraud perpetuated by client’s former customer. 

| Key Contacts

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Prashant Mara



Priyanka Pandit



Aishwarya Kaushiq

Principal Associate


Sidharth S. Kumar

Senior Associate

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