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Working Remotely – Measuring and Enforcing Performance of Employees

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

- Arjun Paleri and Jaya Ramachandran

With most of the workforce now working remotely, it brings into focus an employer’s ability to monitor and assess performance of employees in a setting which is not the routine workplace. Some of the more traditional ‘clocking-in and out’ type of measurements are no longer feasible.

This does not necessarily mean that current practices and methods for gauging performance must change, but the ‘working-from-home’ scenario does call for reconsideration and calibration of existing practices to cater to the change in the trend of working permanently, or for longer than usual durations outside the office.

Our article considers the aspects to be borne in mind by an employer while setting performance measures for employees and assessing such performance.

BTG Legal Labour Update May (1)
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