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India Procurement Series: Risks and challenges in supplying to the government

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

- Prashant Mara and Devina Deshpande

While the volume of public procurement opportunities in India holds tremendous economic potential for both local and overseas companies, supplying to, and contracting with, public authorities is not without its challenges.

To help your organisation assess and manage risks inherent in exposure to the public sector, BTG Legal is releasing a series of materials based on our experience advising clients on public tender process and vendor contracts with the Indian government.

This article presents an overview of the unique concerns involved in government procurement and contracting processes. In particular, we hope the critical flags highlighted will assist with risk identification and mitigation measures.

Successive materials will provide a more fulsome assessment of key procedures and issues such as tender negotiations, engagement of agents and dispute management.

BTG Legal Public Procurement in India (2
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