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BTG Q&A: Employment Law Briefing: Episode 1

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

In the first episode of Q&A by BTG Legal, Arjun Paleri (Partner and Head of Employment Law Practice, BTG Legal) discusses various emerging issues surrounding labour and employment laws in India, with Dibyajyoti Das (Head of Legal, Experian India).

Some of the questions that are discussed in this episode are as below:

  • Top challenges faced by an employer

  • Has the pace of regulation hastened for certain regulated businesses?

  • How can such regulated businesses prepare for changes in regulation and new regulations?

  • How important is it for an organisation to have an (anonymous) whistleblower mechanism?

  • What are aspects of a good whistleblower policy?

  • What are the areas where we see regulations changing?

  • Suggestions or best practices to overcome implicit bias in hiring process?

  • How can leaders demonstrate their commitment to inclusivity?

  • Are the new labour codes beneficial for employers?

  • What are the main areas for employers to consider in the labour codes?

  • What are the important things for start-up founders to consider while they are setting up the company, from an employment perspective?

You may view the session recording below


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